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Healthcare Advocacy Group helps our members access the legal, medical and advisory services they need to make informed decisions about their legal options, health care choices, and return to work rights

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Healthcare Advocacy Group Member Benefits

Healthcare Advocacy Group is helping Americans navigate the complexity of the healthcare system. We offer a full range of clinical and administrative services as well as behavioral health and wellness programs supported by medical claims data science and technology platforms that help people better engage in their health and well-being.

In partnership with your professional organization, our personalized program helps you take charge of your health needs.

Our best-in-class team of compassionate health and medical professionals knows the healthcare system inside and out and helps motivate you by taking an active role in your health needs. We work for you to meet your unique needs.

We are advocates of employee rights, not those of employers

Workers' Compensation Claims Advocacy

24/7 doctors available for telemedicine

Web based second opinion on general medicine

ACA information

Medicare Assistance

We fight for fair treatment from your healthcare providers

Legal advocacy for oversight of fair medical services

Second opinion on being forced to go back to work by employer

Wellness services mandated by employer

Protecting against medical separation

Whistleblower & HR support

* Benefits available to members only