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Concerta is a brand name version of the drug methylphenidate that is prescribed to adults and children to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and narcolepsy.


First approved by the FDA in 2000, Concerta is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Along with similar methylphenidate drugs like Ritalin and Daytrana, it is prescribed to more than 15 million people worldwide each year.

Unfortunately, methylphenidate drugs like Concerta pose serious health and suicide risks to children, which haven’t been disclosed by the manufacturer.

Shockingly, reports show as much as a 162-fold increase in suicide rates among children taking ADHD drugs like Concerta. And, suicidal thoughts often surface in those on the drug without any prior sign of depression.

So far, these medications have been linked to more than 800 FDA reports of suicide, attempted suicide or death. What’s worse is that experts believe the true amount of Concerta childhood suicides has been underreported.

Now, since manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson have refused to warn patients in the United States of the Concerta suicide link, lawyers are filing claims for those families affected.

Sadly, this won’t bring back those who’ve been lost. But it can help families cope with their loss and ensure future patients know the risks.


Although methylphenidate drugs have been around since the 1960s, their use has skyrocketed since the 1990s, leading to more comprehensive studies of their health effects in the past decade.

In early 2009, a study by the FDA’s own Center for Drug Evaluation and Research analyzed data from decades of ADHD drug clinical trials, finding 11 reported occurrences of psychosis or mania, compared to no side effects by patients taking placebos.

Later that year, researchers from the University of London School of Pharmacy discovered that children under 14 years old taking ADHD drugs like Concerta had a 162-fold increase in suicide rates compared to the general population. They predicted the actual rate was even higher.

In early 2014, a study sponsored by the Indian Government Medical College noted two children that developed suicidal thoughts while taking methylphenidates like Concerta. Both had no signs of depression and both recovered to normal once the drug usage stopped.

In March of 2015, Governments around the world finally started to take notice to ADHD drug risks. Health Canada ordered that drugs like Concerta would require a new warning about the potential for suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts and completed suicides.

To date, however, no manufacturers in the United States have added warnings about suicide risks from ADHD drugs like Concerta.


Concerta Litigation Update

Latest news on Concerta ADHD suicide lawsuits.

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Lawsuits against the makers of methylphenidate drugs are nothing new. As early as 1988, claims alleged that the maker of Ritalin was complicit in working with the American Psychiatric Association to invent and increase the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD around the U.S. to increase drug sales.

Manufacturer Fails to Warn

With a condition that can only be diagnosed through subjective means, how else would one explain the explosion in recent decades of the number of cases? In just 5 short years between 2007 and 2012, diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and resulting prescriptions increased roughly 50%.

Now, Concerta suicide lawsuits are focusing on the failure of manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson to warn about the link between their ADHD drug and childhood suicide.

Despite years of studies establishing a link between Concerta and suicide, and warnings by Health Canada for their customers North of the border, J&J has not mentioned any risks for suicide to patients or families in the United States.

In such lawsuits for dangerous medications and failure to warn, manufacturers have been forced to pay billions of dollars to victims in the past.

Now, lawyers believe hundreds of victims may have suffered due to the effects of Concerta without families knowing the true reason.  

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Lawsuits & Settlements

The devastation of dealing with the loss of a child can be crippling. Add to that the possibility that a child’s suicide may have been prevented with drug warnings, and many parents find it hard to even take action.

In this difficult time, our lawyers provide a caring, competent and seamless option to explore your legal options. Let Healthcare Advocacy Group help you through this time while also securing you the resources to protect your legal rights.

First, our victim advocates are here to listen. Although no one can truly relate to what you’ve experienced, we are parents and suicide prevention advocates ourselves. Even if it’s just to share your story, we’re here to help.

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